Fastide Production

About Us

At Fastide Production, we organize talk shows, engaging workshops, literary awards. We also provide accelerated outreach and networking.

The Criticurb Show on “Creativity & You”

This is an interactive talk show where makers of creative content and people with creative insights and ingenuity come to share their creative journey as featured guests. We talk about your passion for what you do, your challenges, fears, and accomplishments. It’s a space where you can be free to be yourself and enjoy who you are and what you have become. We bring you closer to your fans, we broaden your network and expand your outreach.

We draw inspiration from one another each day as human beings and it is part of human nature to share ideas thoughts and opinions.

Here at Criticurb, we make you reflect on your creative journey, we go down memory lane with you, we remind you how far you have come, we show you how much people love what you do.

We are strong advocates of creativity! We are redefining creativity together! We are changing lives!